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Local Independent Food Retailers must get to consumers first, in-order for them to grow their business and truly compete. Independent food retailers have struggled to advertise, promote and utilise the power of the internet, until NOW! has been especially designed to suit food and wine retailers of all sizes. Take your business online now. IT’S FREE.  Let consumers connect with you instantly. It’s so easy, your website can be up and running in around 15 minutes, everything is done for you!


As smartphones and other mobile devices have become widespread, online food sales in Australia are predicted to more than double to $4.4Billion by the end of 2016. 94% of all Australians have internet access. 79% are online daily, while 60% are online several times per day. Now is the perfect time to grow your business online with FoodMarketplace. These figures are most compelling and only confirm that there is no better time for local food retailers to grow their business with


This is your opportunity to show new and existing customers what you have to offer and talk to them one-to-one. Engaging consumers online is the foundation for future prosperity. Providing consumers with the convenience to see what you are offering 24/7 will give your business the greatest opportunity for increased success. Simple functionality will enable you to showcase your products with absolute ease. The size of your business or budget is no longer a factor when it comes to servicing your customers online.


Food retailers take note. You can either choose to sit and wait for customers to walk in the door, or you can go directly to them with and show you’re smarter than the competition. 


Some of your FREE website features and functionality: 



  • Receive buyer emails via your website. (No need to use any existing emails or private phone numbers)
  • Consumers can become your Fan, showing their support for your business
  • All enquiries and emails are automatically copied to your external email address.
  • Connect with your customers like never before, one-to-one.
  • You can access your email from anywhere on the internet.
  • Unlimited email storage.

Customer Tracking

  • You will know exactly how many Fans subscribe to your website.
  • You will know the nicknames of all Fans who subscribe to your website.
  • A tracking system constantly informs you of the number of visitors to your website.
  • A separate tracking system constantly informs you of the number of visitors to each individual listing.

Technical Information

  • Unlimited Disk Space – build as many web pages as you like.
  • Unlimited Data Transfer – you can support an unlimited amount of visitors to your website.
  • GeoTrust SSL Encryption and Anti-Virus Protection.
  • Reliable and Secure Hosting.
  • All text can be imported using the "cut & paste" method.
  • Bulk Product Import -- Big inventories can be instantly uploaded to your FoodMarketplace website from an excel spreadsheet.


  • You can access your website from anywhere on the internet.
  • No expensive overheads or ongoing management fees.
  • If you already own a Domain Name, you can point (redirect) your Domain Name to your FoodMarketplace Website.
  • If you don't own a Domain Name, a URL sub-domain (URL string) will be auto-generated for you, using your FoodMarketplace Website Name.
  • Flyers for distribution in-store and around your neighbourhood are automatically created for you!
  • Your location, address & phone contacts are visible.
  • Opening hours can be changed at any time to cater for festive seasons.
  • Consumers can bookmark your website for instant access directly from the internet.
  • You can make unlimited changes or updates to your website at anytime 24/7.
  • A location map is available providing easy to follow directions. 
  • Restaurants, Pubs & Bars and Cafes - can link to their existing website.
  • Restaurants, Pubs & Bars, Cafes, Fast Food, Juice Bar categories can accept online bookings 
  • Unlimited Specials and stock items can be featured on your website.
  • Default template designs & images are supplied for each category, making it 'instant' for your website to be operational
  • You can load up to 10 items on the Homepage of your website.
  • Load up to 7 images per each individual item listing
  • Default images are supplied for each item listing on your website for immediate start.
  • Each of your sale items will have its own URL, making them search engine friendly.
  • You can integrate all your Social Media Channels: Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.
  • The goods listed on your website will be automatically displayed in their customised category order.
  • Your website will appear professional, clean and structured at all times.
  • Multiple items for sale, will give consumers multiple ways to find your website from their 'Search results.'.
  • Retailers can display their entire range of items to consumers simultaneously.
  • Special Announcements can be featured on your website homepage.
  • Consumers can find Retailers by: keyword, postcode, business name, product, category or distance from their location.
  • Use our 'Tips' page to help get you started.
  • Your website will take just minutes to set-up
  • Promote your website on your Council Homepage. It's available to the "First 15" retailers in their Local Council Area, every day!
  • Consumers can Bookmark their Council Homepage for quick reference!
  • Post unlimited recipes to your website - keep your customers engaged.
  • Operate your own BLOG. Post individual comments, images & opinions. Create your own website community and forums!.
  • You can load up to 4 images for every BLOG topic.
  • You run your entire website independently. YOU ARE THE BOSS!
  • Food retailers standing strong as a community, while doing business independently.
  • FoodMarketplace will save you tens of thousands of dollars in website construction costs and ongoing technical fees.